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In Search of Small-Town America: Volume 10

In Search of Small-Town America: Volume 10

Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut

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A close friend flies-in from England, the Salem witches, the cradle of the revolutionary war, some lovely launderettes, and a gorgeous ‘Art Deco’ school building. Campfire cooking, a very gay birthday party, and a stoical, fond farewell.

Living life in miniature, brightly-coloured, personified hydrants, and stepping back – and forward – in time, for the intriguing, old time, and modern day case of the ‘Anthony Mill’.

Feeling frisky with a schoolmarm in a churchyard. A diner with only pumpkins for breakfast, and total Halloween overkill. A tedious drive west, and a fair dose of 'doublespeak'.

  • 195 Pages
  • 218 Photographs
  • 17,600 Words approx.
  • TBC MB PDF Download

Cover: Ware - Massachusetts. 2006

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  • Wayne Jackman

    The work is a unique and innovative mix of superb photographs, and an eloquent but quirky, daily diary – as the author voyages on a daunting solo trip through every State in America – in one year!

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  • Susan Toft

    This is unlike anything I've ever read before, with an intriguing combination of pictures and prose, interwoven in such a perceptive, and imaginative way. This is 'Click-Lit' – and I'm coining the phrase.

    Read more 
  • Michael Hearn

    I was captivated by this work, and the ambitious intention, but the methodical way in which the author has carried it out in such wonderful detail of words and images, is nothing short of astonishing.

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